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How and when was Employmont started?

In 2023, a dynamic team of industry experts came together to establish Employmont with a bold vision: to revolutionize the online job-search landscape by exclusively catering to high-level positions.

How can I join your team?

Currently our team is at full capacity but if there are any open positions, they will be listed on employmont.com

How is Employmont different from other places to post jobs?

Employmont stands out prominently from other job-posting platforms due to our specialized focus on matching high-level jobs with high-performing individuals. Unlike generic job boards, we are dedicated to the unique needs of both employers seeking exceptional talent and individuals aspiring to secure top-tier positions. Our platform ensures precision in connecting elite opportunities with top-caliber professionals, creating a distinctive space for excellence in the job market. With a commitment to quality over quantity, Employmont is the premier destination for those seeking and offering high-level career opportunities.

What types of jobs are typically posted on this platform?

Employmont offers a diverse range of job postings, spanning from internships to executive-level C-suite positions. While accommodating opportunities at all levels, the platform particularly emphasizes and excels in catering to high-level professional positions.

Is Employmont free for jobseekers?

Employmont is 100% free to use for those in search for a job.

Can I set up job alerts for specific criteria?

Yes, job alerts can be set by visiting the job alerts page. This feature empowers jobseekers with personalized job recommendations delivered straight to your email inbox. Customize these automated emails to match your preferences, ensuring that only the most relevant and enticing job opportunities make their way to your inbox.

How can users apply for jobs?

Employmont offers four ways to apply for jobs.


Internal apply – which is where users send an application directly thorough Employmont.


External apply – Where users can be re-directed to your website to finish the application process.


E-mail apply – where users can send an application to a company/recruiters email inbox.


Call to apply – where users can call to apply for the job

How do you promote a job?

To promote a job follow these steps:

1. Purchase a promotional package.

2. Fill out the job details and post the job.

3. Once the job is posted go to the employer dashboard and click on the jobs panel.

4. Find the job you would like to promote, click on the three dots and click “Mark Featured”

5. Your job post is now promoted! It should have a crown on it and have a golden outline.

Click Here to watch a video tutorial for this process.


Illuminate your job opportunity with an exclusive spotlight at the top of search results! Command attention and captivate top-tier talent by securing our premium promoted package. Your listing will outshine the competition, ensuring it’s the first and foremost choice for excellent job seekers actively seeking their next big career move. Elevate your recruitment strategy with our unparalleled visibility boost—because the best opportunities deserve the brightest spotlight!

What packages are there for recruiters?

There is a free package and a promoted package.

Free Package: 1 Job post

Enjoy the benefits of our free package, providing you with the freedom to post 1 job listing at no cost.

Promoted Package (Paid): Elevate Your Job Posts

Upgrade to our Promoted Package, experience unlimited job posts with an added advantage – you can highlight and boost the visibility of one job post of your choice.

If you would like to promote more than one job simply purchase the promoted job package again.

Ready to enhance your recruitment efforts? Click here to watch our Video Tutorial.

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